August 8, 2016

About Us

SYLAN BUILDERS INC. was derived from the merging of three corporations which are Advance Data Comm. Phil Inc., AJR Management Inc. and Comp. Intelems Integrated Inc. SYLAN BUILDERS INC. was incorporated July 14, 2016 consisting of five incorporators, four engineers and one architect.

SYLAN BUILDERS INC. is also the exclusive distributor of Premium Line Cabling in CALABARZON. Furthermore, SYLAN BUILDERS INC. foreign partner, ADVANCE DATA COMMUNICATION, which is based in Lathrop, California which specializes on fibers and copper installation. ADVANCE DATA COMMUNICATION is the technical partner of SYLAN BUILDERS in term technology development for fiber and copper communication system

With these consolidated and synergized expertise, the SYLAN BUILDERS INC. is dedicated to provide engineering and management services in the field of Architectural, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Information Technology, Low-Voltage Structured Cabling System Design, Installation and Maintenance, Construction Project Manager, Property Development/ Management and others Allied Support Services that will define the gathering, analyzing and distributing of positive action towards fulfillment of commitment by making strategic decision to achieve customer satisfaction.